Tokara Trek

This is the quintessential Tokara experience, except it’s on top of a mountain.

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We’re all about getting out there and helping you do the same, which is why we’ve started the Arctic Fox Africa Experiences. A series of adventures, outings, and expeditions to some of our favourite places lead by local explorers.

All proceeds from these experiences go directly to our payroll fund.

This is the quintessential Tokara experience, except it’s on top of a mountain. Fine wine, delicatessen fare, and breathtaking scenery all from the peak of Simonsberg Mountain. Set off on an easy hike, stopping for wine chilled in the farm’s water reservoir, to reach our secret spot in time for sundown. Watch the sunset over Cape Town before making camp for the night. Dinner and breakfast are served camp-style on the mountain top.

The finer details:

Meet the Arctic Fox Team at Tokara, where you’ll be briefed on the experience.

Set off for your hike (approximately 3-4 hours of leisurely climbing), stopping at the water reservoir for chilled wine on the water and even a dip if the weather allows.

Settle in for sunset with Tokara wine and delicatessen snacks at hand.

Tuck into a humble, delicious Primus-prepared dinner as the stars sparkle into life.

Awake to the rising sun and enjoy homemade rusks with cowboy coffee.

Stroll down the mountain and jump in the water reservoir if weather permits.

Part ways and head home with an unforgettable experience in the bag.

This experience is for 4 people only, 2 people per tent.

All activities are weather dependent.

No expiry.