Tencel Lyocell

Made using sustainable FSC wood pulp
Produced in a closed-loop system
Smooth and wrinkle-resistant

Produced under the brand name Tencel®, Lyocell is made from cellulose which comes from the dissolved pulp of fast-growing trees such as eucalyptus and beech. With Tencel’s manufacturing process, which uses trees from certified sustainable plantations, 99.5% of all chemicals are recycled in a closed system. For this reason, Tencel® has received the EU’s European Award for the Environment.

But it’s not just an environmentally sound material. Tencel® Lyocell also has fantastic functional properties. Like cotton, it’s soft and smooth but it’s far better at transporting moisture – absorbing 50% more water than cotton. It drapes well and resists wrinkles too. All this makes it ideal for clothing designed for the trail.

Tencel® Lyocell isn’t the only sustainable material we work with. In fact, we value EnvironmentalStandards just as much as functionality and durability. Find out how we work with sustainable materials here.