Eco Shell

PFC-free impregnation
Made from recycled polyester
Light and unrestrictive

Every outdoor brand needs a functioning shell garment. But when we created Eco-Shell we didn’t just want to create a tough, breathable material that resisted wind and rain; we wanted to create a material that did all that without unnecessarily harming nature.

We started by using recycled polyester. This means less raw resources used today, and hopefully easier recycling in the future. We decided to climate compensate all Eco-Shell garments too. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, we chose to use PFC-free impregnation.

Perfluorocarbons, or PFCs for short, are used a lot by the outdoor industry because of their ability to make materials water repellent. But they don’t break down in nature. In fact they stay there and spread. They can be stored in living organisms for several years and can gradually work their way up the food chain. Find out more about our switch to PFC-free impregnation here.

Eco-Shell Materials Created to perform on nature’s terms