Two Tickets to Paradise

Eddy Money said it best


As the old hit by Eddy Money goes, we had two tickets to paradise. But we had no clue how on the money that was going to be. Beaverlac is beautiful, and due to fairly strict regulations it's probably the most tranquil communal camping spot you'll find out there.

It’s a private natural heritage site along the Ratelrivier, nestled in the valley between the Winterhoek and Grootwinterhoek mountains. It's definitely one of the most beautiful areas I've seen in the Western Cape. It's got everything you'd expect from a natural heritage site too, ancient riverbeds, rock pools, waterfalls, exposed aquifers, natural springs, caves and ridiculous rock formations galore. The campsite property sits on a privately owned farm and they've allocated quite a lot of land to the designated resort area. So there's a LOT of exploring available. You will not regret going through the motions to secure a spot in this majestic landscape.

Photographs by Kyle Lakey Photograph by Kyle Lakey Photograph by Kyle Lakey Photograph by Kyle Lakey

It was my first rough camping experience, well there were ablutions available, but even so it was new to me. Luckily my brother was with me on this trip because I would not have known how to make a fire, lol! But jokes aside, it was an amazing experience getting out in the wild with him. We’ve never really done much together, so there was a lot of bonding up for grabs. Let me tell you, bonding in the wild sure hits differently.

It was also my first time taking @anya.the.zuk(my Jimny) out on a proper adventure. So it was great pumping out some drifts in 4x4 mode. I also learned quite a few things about picking your lines and how to approach obstacles. Of course, I’m still a rookie so nothing major league.

Overall, it was a huge success, and I'm super stoked on my decision to invest in exploring our country. The juice was worth the squeeze.

Kyle Lakey