Pants for Life

A look into Fjällräven’s journey towards becoming the outdoor trousers expert.


When we can’t go out in nature, what better time to prepare for our upcoming trips? Do research, read up on equipment, compare, write packing lists and choose what to wear and what to bring. Finding the right pair of trekking trousers can be the first step towards many successful hikes.

Fjällräven’s journey towards becoming the outdoor trousers expert already began in 1970. Trekking in nature requires a decent pair of trousers to stand up to the rigours of the trail. Back in those days the Greenland Trousers were the first of many pairs of Fjällräven trousers, and they were made from G-1000. A fabric Fjällräven founder Åke Nordin once considered using for a tent but had proven too heavy for the purpose. He did find that it was perfect for his very first garment, the Greenland Jacket as well as for his first pair of trousers - the Greenland Trousers. There was just one thing that needed improving: the fabric’s water resistance.

Åke Nordin used to be a ski jumper. He thought back to his times at the Paradiskullen ski jump, remembering waiting at the top of the jump for his turn. While waiting, he and the other jumpers had taken to waxing not just their skis but also their trouser seats to repel moisture and keep the chilly winter at bay. This was the birth of the famous combination of G-1000 material and Greenland Wax, and its success lead to the development of many models for different purposes and activities.

In 2011, the Keb Trousers introduced the combination of G-1000 with stretch fabric. They were an instant success and won the Outdoor Industry Award for “Best Outdoor Trousers”, praised for their durability, functionality and sustainability. Many more awards followed.

Today, with more than 50 years of experience in designing trekking trousers, Fjällräven is still constantly working on developing new products and materials and improving existing models. This spirit has led to variations including successful models like the stretchy but robust Abisko Trekking Tights, hybrid-models with stretch and G-1000 like the Kaipak Trousers or the super lightweight and breathable, award-winning Abisko Midsummer Trousers. Together they create one of the widest and most multi-facetted range of trekking trousers within the industry where everybody can their perfect pair.

Ready to find yours? Henrik Andersson, Head of Design and Innovation at Fjällräven, gave us the full breakdown! Read his interview here.