Mont Rochelle with Si

Picturesque Perdekop Peak


In case you missed our Instagram post a few weeks ago, we’ve started trekking with a local friend, Si Pocock. Mountaineer, adventurer, trail runner, and trail blazer, we’ve known Si for a while and were just waiting for him to invite us on one of his regular hikes. But when the day finally came, we couldn’t join! Thankfully, he took his camera along (did we mention he’s a photographer and videographer) and he snapped some amazing pics.

Although we couldn’t be there in person we had him take along some gear including his daypack of choice, the Abisko Hike 35.  


The hike culminated in a picnic on Perdekop peak in Mont Rochelle Reserve, which as you can see is absolutely picturesque. It's a 14km round trip, so pack accordingly, and you should be able to get it done in about 5 hours at a mellow pace with a stop for snacks.

We wish we could say we weren't even a little bit jealous of that hike. But we are. We are very jealous. And next time we're going with. Drop us a message if you're keen to join, and while you're online go give Si a follow on Instagram @si_pocock .