Finding the Perfect Fjällräven Pants

Fjällräven Pants: Your guide for the perfect fit.


Getting a pair of Fjällräven hiking pants could be your first step towards going on an exciting adventure. But, there is a wide variety of models to consider in the search for your perfect pair, and according to Fjällräven’s Head of Design and Innovation, Henrik Andersson, that’s exactly the way it’s meant to be.

Everyone’s different. Your body, your shape, your interests. But, there’s a pair Fjällräven outdoor pants for everyone, and by asking a few simple questions you can start the process of finding your perfect fit. To begin with, what will you be using them for, and in what kind of climate?

"All trekking trousers are made so can move easily in them. But if you are trekking in the lowlands, you maybe don’t have the same need for versatility as those who are heading for the mountains. The bigger the strides you need to take, the more stretch you’ll need in your trousers,” says Henrik.

Fjällräven’s pants are carefully engineered to serve you best in whatever terrain and climate you find yourself in. The fit and fabric they are from are based on how much freedom of movement you want, how much you plan to move, and how quickly you plan to do it. Climate is a big factor to consider when choosing pants - humid conditions call for increased ventilation, bad weather requires more protection, cold weather means you need more insulation. This is why Fjällräven’s range of men’s and women’s pants are made from a variety of fabrics ranging from really robust and durable to lighter, airier materials.

"Then you can ask yourself, what kind of things do I want to have easily accessible? That’s where the number of pockets comes into play. If you are trekking in trailless terrain, leg pockets that have room for a map and compass are handy,” says Henrik.

You might also need quick access to other gear and accessories like matches, a knife, trail snacks, who knows, and it can be much more convenient to have those items easily accessible that in your backpack.

Considered Solutions

As mentioned above, Fjällräven has been in the outdoor gear business for a while. Through constant product development we strive to improve Fjällräven pants that are already on the market. But, the mark of a good product is one that you don’t need to reflect on and ironically the results of our development work can be hard to see with the naked eye as they are highly integrated and often incremental over a course of years. More than anything else though, the most fundamental quality of a good pair of trekking pants or hiking pants is that they are comfortable, durable, and can withstand the wear and tear that they’ll be exposed to.

“The leg endings will rub against each other now and again when you walk in boots. So they have to fit well over the boots,” says Henrik.

Across the range of models, quite a few have boot hooks - like the Fjällräven Vidda Pro - that allow you to fasten leg endings to your boots. But, to compensate for that attachment we’ve made sure there is enough extra length in the legs so they don’t pull when you take bigger, longer, or higher strides.

“Good trousers are trousers you don’t need to think about to much. You don’t need to think about them too much. They’re intuitive, they don’t chafe and they’re comfortable. You shouldn’t be too warm in them and there shouldn’t be any zippers in the way.”

Henrik’s got another great tip for when you’re trying out a new pair of Fjällräven pants in store.

“Take a big step up onto a stool, try some extra long strides. Trousers that don’t fit well will feel uncomfortable and wear more when you move. A good pair of trousers will let you move freely.”

A Pair of Fjällräven Pants for everyone

As much as we’ve tried, there isn’t quite yet a single pair trousers that can fulfil every need that everyone has. Still, there is a lot of value in products that are versatile. To this end, Henrik gives special mention to the Fjällräven Vidda Pro and Keb Trousers that are designed to be versatile and used in a variety of different situations.

These aren’t our only models though, and there are plenty more outdoor pants that fit into the “everyday outdoor” category that will act as a link to nature. These are designed to take your from work or school right up into the mountains or along a forest trail.

“The advantage of having such a wide and multifaceted range is that there is something for everyone. You can’t order tailor-made garments made specifically for you and your preferences but because we have so many parameters that we take into account, I think I can say that we aren’t far from it in reality. So our customers have an easier time finding a pair of trousers that actually fit them properly.”